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What are the main business activities of DokyPay?

DokyPay is an online payment service provider which has integrated more than 200 alternative payment methods with a coverage of 80% countries and regions around the world. DokyPay’s client manager will come up with special payment solutions regarding your unique needs. Besides, housekeeping service like market consultation, company registry and advertising can also be found in service list of DokyPay.

How to begin with DokyPay?

(1) Registration. Sign up with your name and other information here or chat with customer service.
(2)Qualification. Submit company information and certified documents online.
(3)Integration: Integrate DokyPay’s APIs to add payment gateway on your websites or Apps.
(4)Beginning. Begin your seamless payment experiences with DokyPay!

Do you have branch office?

We have branch offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Gurgaon, Kuala Lumpur and Cyprus.

Is it safe for me to provide you with my information ? How can you assure DokyPay’s stability and safety?

DokyPay has acquired the most widely accepted and also the most stringent information security standard PDI-CSS, which is created jointly by five major credit-card companies: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and JCB. It can be said that DokyPay keeps pace with the international standards in guarding cardholder information, building and maintaining secure networks, developing and maintaining firewalls and so on.

How can you assure that the funds are safe in your platform?

DokyPay has assigned information-technology service agreements with many banks and financial institutions directly and are these parties’ authorized cooperative partner. If you still have doubts about DokyPay, you can only use DokyPay’s technical service and receive money from financial institutions.

Is there a charge for opening a DokyPay account?

It’s free to open a DokyPay account. And there is no annual fee or service fee.

What is your pricing?

Transaction fee appears only when you are paid. Regarding the pricing for different local payment methods, please contact us.

Does DokyPay charge for withdrawing money?

DokyPay will charge certain fees for withdrawing. The amount is subject to contract.

Does DokyPay charge for chargeback or refund?

These happen vary rarely. If there happen, a few amount will be charged.

What payment methods does DokyPay support?

DokyPay support the most preferred alternative payment methods like Paytm and MOLPay and also the credit card channel.

What currencies does DokyPay operate in?

The currencies supported by DokyPay are USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CHF, BRL, CAD, RUB, CZK, PLN, BYR, IDR and so on.

Does DokyPay have max/min payment limitation?

DokyPay does not have payment limitation while some channels have amount restriction, please contact us.

Can I withdraw my money at any time?

Yes, you can withdraw your money whenever necessary. DokyPay’s settlement period is T+7.

Does DokyPay charge for withdrawing money?

DokyPay will charge certain fees for withdrawing. The amount is subject to contract.

Is there any amount limit for withdrawing?

DokyPay has no amount limit in withdrawing. Since there will be a service charge for every withdrawing, you can withdraw money as your certain fund needs.

What currencies does DokyPay support in settlement?

USD and RMB.

How to integrate DokyPay?

Firstly register DokyPay account here register Then submit your website or App for KYC. The technical documents will be sent to you once your products are approved. You will get one-to-one client manager and technical support for the whole process.

What is the concurrency number of DokyPay?

300 transactions per second.

How many development languages do you support?

There is no limit for development languages.